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December 2019

11 responses to “Surf”

  1. I so much love going to the beach. The but there is that I am not a good swimmer. I love the photographs’ output.

  2. This photo is winning! I’m very in love with the beach. I will really go surfing this summer.

  3. Feeling beach gives me, I can pen it down. The waves is gotten to me. I love the black and white used. Simple and classic

  4. This photograph is very beautiful, the sea so immense, and deep it takes us to a point of tranquility and hope, human beings admire the immensity of this art.

  5. Going to the beach is always fun to me. Though I don’t know how to surf because it is an art, but i won’t mind learning how to some day

  6. The scenario here is so warm and inviting. Yes doing other stuff like having fun is also very important like making money.

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