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Suspended In Time


August 2016

22 responses to “Suspended In Time”

  1. This scene is filled of memories for me, just remembered my best amusement park ride. I so much loved it

  2. We all once in our lives wish for this. Especially for good moments that we do not wanna change or let go. Sadly though we cannot do that as time always moves. We can have photos though.

  3. I really was afraid of this tool while I was younger because someone fell in my presence one time like that. Since then, I fear it.

  4. Oh yeah, I can remember going on this horse ride when I was a kid and honestly it felt like I was suspended in time for the period of the ride. At the end of it all i would not want to get down but have another go. What a wonderful time that was.

  5. This picture reminds me of a video game scene. The atmosphere was weirdly peaceful but not at the same time. Amazing photog skills!

  6. Anyone who didn’t experience these didn’t have a great childhood. I wish I could ride on them again.

  7. I used to like being held down by these tool as a child but not really for long. it gives one a different feelings that can’t be explained. I like this photo.

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