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Sweet Old Girl

Sweet Old Girl

October 2019

14 responses to “Sweet Old Girl”

  1. Wow, sweet little girl truly, well fed and look friendly. I doubt it will be able to run fast. It’s a pet and not for security I guess.

  2. I have the exact breed at home just a guy. I agree though this bread is not for security. A companion is much more suited for it. If I want security a pitbull would be good.

  3. Cute little thing just like my molly. Well-fed and looking so innocent but very security concious.

  4. Aww I really would want to give her a hug! She’s so precious, you are very lucky to have her indeed.

  5. This is really a fresh and cool looking beautiful girl. The dog is pretty. How I wish I am the rightful owner of it, I love dogs . Thanks for sharing. You are a good photographer to have made a brilliant capture out here.

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