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March 2020

28 responses to “Sweetness”

  1. Another shot of pickles if I am not mistaken? She seems like looking from afar. The only question is what is it? Good shot as always.

  2. It’s a perfect shot on this dog. The sharp focus brings out the best of this adorable dog.

  3. Through this is sweetness. So calm and looks cute but might be very dangerous if tempted. Nice one Tom

  4. A pup posting, this most be a trained pup. Sweetness but doesn’t mean not dangerous. The lightening and the colour is wonderful. Its awesome

  5. I wish I had a dog as cute as yours. Unfortunately my landlord won’t allow pets in my apartment.

  6. I love dogs naturally, especially when they look well fed and taken care of. The dog had a nice pose there as though it knew you were about to take it’s picture.

  7. This is really sweet. Every dog photo relieves all my stress and anxiety. I just love dogs.

  8. Such a cute, precious and very sweet dog. I would very much like to cuddle with that dog on a couch.

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