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July 2017

14 responses to “Swinging”

  1. I can tell the camera used here is of a very high quality. Sub par cameras would show the moving people all blurry.

  2. This one lools exciting. I’ll definitely try it if it’s here in our place. Looks fun.

  3. I tried to go to a merry go round before which is similar to this and got dizzy. I am not riding anything like this again.

  4. This will be so enjoyable by me. I just love to have swings and keep getting it still I’m filled. life needs some swings sometimes.

  5. Looks fun and nauseating at the same time! You definitely captured the joy of the ride in a single shot.

  6. I watch things like this in movies.. It looks like fun though..and scary at the same time.. Nice shot

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