American Writer, Photographer, and Website Designer. Former career Fire and EMS Lieutenant. She/Her/Lesbian.

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  • The Dorky Misfit Girl

    I have lived my entire life as a dorky misfit girl. Here’s proof…

  • Meeting Mitch In New York City

    March 16, 2022 Today I took a trip to New York City to show Apartment 2 of my childhood home to a new tenant, [name withheld]. She is a wonderful woman, an actress from Holland, who is a friend to [name withheld] who have rented an upstairs apartment from me for many years. She immediately fell in love with the apartment and was more than happy to give me the asking price, and to my amazement, she signed the lease agreement on the spot! Later in the afternoon, I decided to meet up with my friend Mitch in Brooklyn. Mitch had some time to spare that afternoon, and the plan was to meet at Hungry Ghost Coffee at the corner…

  • All Mixed Up

    March 2022

  • All Talk Of Circadian Rhythm (Black And White Edit)

    All Talk Of Circadian Rhythm November 2019

  • Twenty-Third And Seventh

    New York City, United States January 2021

  • New York — Penn Station

    Pennsylvania Station, New York City, United States January 2021

  • Avoid Seeks Monochrome

    October 2009

  • Somewhere I Feel Free

    With every setback, regardless of how minuscule or insignificant it truly was, I was reminded of all the stifling comments I endured as a child who was often told that I would never realize any of my dreams. Encouragement from sages became the catalyst that gave me the strength that I needed to eventually defeat the monstrous self-doubt that was created; the monster was the maker of the war inside my head. My eyes still see colors, I still feel the wind and the rain, and still believe in things unseen. I still see and appreciate the art of everyday life. Yet faced with my seemingly overwhelming success, I was not looking for fame and fortune, nor adorers to show…

  • Some Place In My Mind Where I Go Time To Time


  • Freedom