• Diary

    The Elegance Of Poetry And The Beauty Of Prose

    In my pursuit of answers, I have always been one to actively seek them out rather than have them handed to me, neatly packaged and tied with a bow. The word yes may be easily uttered by some, but I’ve often found myself deliberating my options, evaluating my choices, and making decisions based on my personal values and beliefs. My search was not for paradise or the underworld’s depths, but rather for a genuine human connection. I yearned for someone willing to listen to my stories and truly hear my voice. Blessings and dreams often feel like blurred portraits, slightly mismatched with the person before you, and it’s an ongoing…

  • Random Thoughts

    Sticker Wall

    When I was a little girl, I told my mom that one day, I would have a wall of stickers in my house. She would often reply to such statements by saying, “when you have your own house, you can do whatever you want.” Well, today is the day. Amelia and I are starting our own sticker wall in the hallway that leads to the basement of our house.

  • Random Thoughts

    I Remember Things That Everyone Else Forgets

    I’ve become the archivist of my own life. I remember the things that everyone else forgets. As the archivist of my own life, I hold a unique and valuable perspective. My ability to remember the small details and moments that others may overlook provides me with a deep appreciation for the richness and complexity of my experiences. I have the ability to shape and preserve my personal narrative, and to share my memories with others in a way that can deepen their understanding of my life. I have a strong desire to still have my old love letters. Losing them has left me with a sense of regret and longing.…

  • Random Thoughts

    Magnetic Poetry Win

    When I was younger, my parents gave me a Magnetic Poetry Kit for Christmas. This was the first poem I created using an old stop sign I had on the wall of my bedroom. My mom asked me to take the poem down, and instead of removing the poem, I moved the sign to the attic of their two car garage where I eventually ended up doing the vast majority of my writing.

  • Micro Blogs

    My Unbridled Thoughts

    As I look into the mirror and take in my reflection, I’m struck by the complexity of my own being. I’m overwhelmed by the depths of my unbridled thoughts. The relentless and often overwhelming curiosity that burns within the essence of my being. My love for mystery is something that I’ve come to embrace, allowing it to guide me on my journey of self-discovery. Mysteries are like an invitation, beckoning me to explore inner realms of curiosity and find out what lies within. It allows me to ponder life’s biggest questions and unravel the complexities of existence. By embracing the unknown, I am able to discover parts of myself that…

  • Writing

    Press 3 For More Options, And Other Random Thoughts

    Ode to the random thoughts notebook; what it taught me about life, writing, and everything in between. When I was in my 20’s, my best friend at the time and I had what we referred to as our Random Thoughts Notebook. It worked like this.  Similar in concept to The Circle tape recording sketches as part of That 70’s Show, my friend and I would have a few drinks, and then write down whatever came to our minds.  Often times, it would be useless drivel, other times, something funny would be written down, and on a handful of occasions, there would be come useful ideas and concepts jotted down. We…