The Elegance Of Poetry And The Beauty Of Prose

In my pursuit of answers, I have always been one to actively seek them out rather than have them handed to me, neatly packaged and tied with a bow. The word yes may be easily uttered by some, but I’ve often found myself deliberating my options, evaluating my choices, and making decisions based on my personal values and beliefs.

My search was not for paradise or the underworld’s depths, but rather for a genuine human connection. I yearned for someone willing to listen to my stories and truly hear my voice. Blessings and dreams often feel like blurred portraits, slightly mismatched with the person before you, and it’s an ongoing challenge to find meaning in a world that can appear so senseless at times.

I wonder why some expect change from me, when I feel so deeply connected to something unseen. This enigmatic connection transcends time and space, but it’s difficult to articulate, and even harder for others to grasp.

Fame can be a cancer, and ego, the seed that grows into an invasive tumor. We may become entangled in our own self-importance, believing the world revolves around us, but how many of us truly contemplate life’s deeper questions or extend our concerns beyond ourselves? This thought frequently lingers in my mind.

Salvation can be found in the elegance of poetry and the beauty of prose. We seek refuge in the written word, hidden within the sanctuary of our homes. It’s in these moments that we discover meaning and purpose, connecting with something larger than ourselves.

Thus, I never sought accolades or fanfare. I certainly don’t desire a trophy, or a congratulatory gesture. All I yearn for is an empathetic listener, someone who would truly listen to my stories, and value them for what they represent: a unique reflection of my experiences and worldview.

April 13, 2023

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