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    The Increasing Reliance On Social Media Metrics

    Introduction In the early days of the internet, social media platforms were merely digital spaces where users could connect, share, and communicate. Fast forward to the present, these platforms have evolved into a globally impactful phenomenon. In the modern age, social media’s influence has transcended beyond personal interactions and has penetrated almost every sphere of life. One striking manifestation of this influence is the increasing reliance on social media metrics as a measure of success. But is this singular focus on social media metrics healthy, or has it gone too far? The Dominance of Social Media Metrics Social media metrics such as likes, shares, followers, retweets, and views have become…

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    The Cult Of Social Media

    I used to spend hours scrolling through my social media feed, which gave me a sense of excitement and belonging in ways I never had before. Being a part of various online communities was like finding a home away from home, a place where I could connect with people from all over the world and share my thoughts and experiences. At first, it was innocent enough. I joined social media to keep in touch with friends and family, to share pictures of my life, and to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. But as time went on, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in this world.…

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    Darkness Brings The Wonders Home

    Social media has changed us. We have become more self-absorbed and isolated from our friends, family, and loved ones than ever before in history, making it more difficult to form genuine connections with one another. It’s not uncommon to find individuals spending hours on social media every day, losing track of the time they spend in front of their computers and phones, looking at all of the meaningless likes and empty unfriending activities that come with being on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other social media platform. Facebook was yet another unnecessary reminder of who I really am; a misfit who doesn’t belong anywhere. It was a place…

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    Today Is The Day I Quit Social Media

    Today was the day I quit social media for good. There are many reasons why I decided to quit, but I am most excited about all of the benefits that come with it. The first thing I noticed today was how much time I had and how much more productive I felt during my day! Social media hasn’t just taken away precious hours of my time, but it’s also distracted me from what I could get done during the day. At the end of the day, social media just led me to be less productive as well as less happy overall in my daily life. Social media can have a…