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Taken By Trees


August 2014

22 responses to “Taken By Trees”

  1. Aww, must feel like doggy heaven for this pup having so much outdoor space. Beautiful trees and open landscape. Really great how the dog is looking right at us.

  2. Lost but found by tom. Really looks cool, and the forest really will be inviting to this lovely wanderer dog

  3. This is a very long road that I can easily lost to, For one the trees look alike.. Marking my way would be good. Where does this lead to anyway???

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo. I love the eerie and mysterious atmosphere the forest has. It feels like I’m in a horror movie.

  5. The puppy looks lost like scare to get in there but the place looks cool like where one can do hide and seek

  6. That’s a cute dog there and it seems it’s path is full of trees. I hope it doesn’t get lost in the woods though.

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