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Tanglewood Ranch

Tanglewood Ranch

September 2013

16 responses to “Tanglewood Ranch”

  1. Vivid blue sky makes it even more beautiful. Little ranch seems to hold lots of beautiful memories.

  2. This is just like the Obudu cattle Ranch I visited very beautiful and serene. I love its calmness.

  3. I love this photo specially its colors. I love yellow and the lighting as well. Good job.

    • I love to visit a ranch where there will daries for personal consumption. It looks okay for me.

  4. I love the wild west feel of it. That wheel helps to give off that vibe. Just like in the movies.

  5. A perfect ranch to shoot those old school cowboy movies. A great photo to preserve old memories.

  6. Wow. A lovely ranch to explore and discover. There are so much unique stuff here, though old.

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