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Target Practice

Target Practice


15 responses to “Target Practice”

  1. That’s a pretty weird target practice. Why did they use that picture? It’s a pretty interesting choice.

  2. Who is that??? Anyway, target practice for what???If you are playing darts or do shooting drills then accuracy is key. A weird photo to be honest.

  3. Could this be targeting just a part of the body to deal with and is it the name of the exercise. Anyway, this is a good shot and well shot too.

  4. To improve your shooting accuracy with heavy-duty shooting targets and gun targets. Its also an exercise. Nice job Tom.

  5. I’m a pretty bad shooter.. I used to do things like this back in the day until life started getting in the way

  6. Practice they say makes perfect. I practiced with this practice target a lot before I mastered my target shoots. Nice photo capture Mr Tom.

  7. The shooting darts, this is one game loved by my brother. I don’t really fancy it. But this made a cool photo.

  8. Interestimg picture, I though the target practice had place in a very different place. it looks more like a place to live.

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