• Maury Cheskes

    Unbelievable shot. I love staring at the distortion of the reflection. The time of day and imagery are perfect.

  • Rae

    Amazing shot as always! I thought it would be a shot of someone weeping but apparently it’s just a huge sculpture of a tear. Still beautiful though.

  • meldred24

    I would love to this this big tear in New York, I guess. Such an amazing art. With your shot, it really looks stunning.

  • esgyll

    i love how you captured this shot without having the sunlight blinding you in the process. It’s very difficult to get such an angle.

  • jolly555

    Well, I like this work of art,it really look amazing and help give an alluring effect to the photo.

  • brainedet

    This is an artistic work that really need to be appreciated. You capture this so well. It really what it should be.

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