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April 2019


11 responses to “Tear”

  1. Amazing piece of an art. For me, it symbolizes how a person is happy or sad. A symbol of expressing one’s feeling.

  2. It’s so huge tear. I’m wondering where does it come from or whose tear is that. Just kidding.

  3. When I see developed cities,I always weep for my country. I’m in awe of the leaders of this nations…lovely shot

  4. Wow with this on the road, it is for sure a landmark. It also looks like a giant Hershey.

  5. Wow! This like piece makes the place look so unique and beautiful too. Its one of those you can’t forget for its beauty.

  6. How did this even get to be made? It looks wonderful on the center of a street. Bet it’s called the Tear Street!

  7. A well captured piece of art that also well shot by a prolific photographer. Keep up the good work.

  8. Such a quirky sculpture, and an equally eclectic shot. Art like this should always be around to inspire the soul, and give weary souls a chance to reflect on it.

  9. okay this are the kind of things that really fascinate me. Where exactly is the location of this tear i might want to see it first hand. Awesome pic though.

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