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Texas Skies

Texas Skies

December 2019

12 responses to “Texas Skies”

  1. So lovely and cool . Just imagining if the sky always is like this….then we say the weather is becoming a little bit overcast

  2. Wow!!! Y have never been to Texas but with skies like these I imagine it is a very cozy and a beautiful place to visit, I really wanna go here in the near future.

  3. This palm seems to be even larger than the electric networks, but it is not so because the photo was taken near the palm from a dive angle, excellent photo

  4. The sky always creates beautiful colors every day, especially when the sun rises and sets. The blue sky color can always provide coolness and comfort.

  5. yeah, the skies are as beautiful as the city of Texas. I so love lovely places. I hope to have a physical view of beautiful cities.

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