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Thankful For You

Austin, Texas, United States

December 2018

22 responses to “Thankful For You”

  1. I do thank everyone for making life smooth. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t be here today.

  2. The picture looks good that is attached on a board to the building. I am thankful to the people who have came yet in my life and made my life nice.

  3. Yeah, thankful for everyone and everything that is around me. I’m always grateful to good happening. The title is apt

  4. Is this a movie house? If it is then the thank you meant if it comes back perhaps? I do not know when but we do all hope it returns We all love movies. .

  5. The sky is really cloudy that the rains will soon give way. we should be grateful that we have it all and freely given too.

  6. Lovely welcome greeting, this alone will make someone like me revisit. The sky part really lovely, I love your output

  7. This overhead board can never be tired saying thank you. A better way of saying that, man could be tired and miss a special customer…this is really thoughtful

  8. I’m not sure of what type of place is this it looks like an old movie place but also like an old movie place remodeled to be a restaurant. I must tell i like the concept.

  9. I love appreciation welcomes without a visit yet. This will make you wanna visit there. The place look so attractive to visit.

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