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The Age Of Aquarius

The Age Of Aquarius

January 2020

17 responses to “The Age Of Aquarius”

  1. What a nice graffiti, I really thought it was a real aquarium, but identified the photo is a graffiti and outside you see the street.

  2. I look at the photo and I feel in front of a real aquarium, it has characteristics similar to a real one, I admire the person who took the time to do it and photograph it.

  3. Is graffiti not legal? Well I guess it depends on how you look at it. To an artist this is art but to some it maybe not. However if it adds beauty to an are why not? This is a good picture after all.

  4. Oh my! You would have to look again to know that it is just a painting and not the actual aquarium. You had a very clear shot of this piece of art, beautiful.

  5. I take a gander at the photograph and I feel before a genuine aquarium, it has qualities like a genuine one, I appreciate the individual who set aside the effort to do it and photo it.

  6. The artist deserve an award for this brilliant job. I looked at it as a real water contained aquarium, but was so surprise it turns to be an artistic display. Thanks for this cool post Tom.

  7. Wow, looks like a graphics, like an artist painted this on the wall. But I wont be supprised if it’s a real aquarium. Thanks for sharing

  8. Do people still visit the aquarius like before? I dont think so. The view is so lovely and peaceful. I love this

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