• Alex

    In terms of environment then YES. However, it is slowly changing into recyclable stuff? As more people are aware of how much damage plastic can do to the planet. It is a hot topic now.

  • Blessing

    This kinds of tunnels are rare to come by in my country, as plastic is being banned slowly. The environmental hazard is tremendous.

  • esgyll

    Everything is plastic nowadays, and our environment is now also filled with lots of plastic. I do hope we do get ourselves weaned off this plastic dependence and remember that we are slowly killing ourselves and our planet by throwing this stuff everywhere. We wouldn’t want to see our seas just full of floating plastic bottles.

  • Anyi Lizeth

    This means that many people around the world are taking measures, to recycle conscientiously, because this causes pollution, these plastics are processed to reuse in society.

  • David Tjoe

    I’ve never seen this before, wondering how it works. The problem of plastic waste in my country is often in the public spotlight. It seems difficult to change the habits of consumers and industry players in limiting the use of plastics, the ideal solution needs to be balanced with waste management and financial incentives.

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