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The Beautiful Letdown

October 2017

21 responses to “The Beautiful Letdown”

  1. Everyone passing through this area are to be extraordinary care and watchful for the danger notice. Thanks for this life saving post.

  2. A cliff with the description of danger shows that people needs to proceed with caution. Especially with the dark background.

  3. This is beautiful but one wrong move and you will meet your maker lol. Good thing the signs are there but what about night though? This is definitely as good as advertised.

  4. I think the wooden rail is not sufficient barricading of the cliff edge. They should have used something stronger like metal.

  5. That sign really is in the right place. Who knows that there’s a cliff edge beyond that fence. The fence doesn’t really look quite sturdy too.

  6. Why will a beauty be abandoned like this. I really wish to see this touched and renovated. Good shot

  7. Looks like people fell from that spot many times now. I really hope people passing in that area will be aware of the danger.

  8. I believe that the people who pass in that area will know about the danger. People may have fallen in that spot.

  9. Extremely care is to be but into place using thos path. Very dangerous, I just wish the ground is not too far

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