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The Big Blue Door

The Big Blue Door

June 2019

24 responses to “The Big Blue Door”

  1. I’m not sure I want to step through that door. The “NOT AN EXIT” sign isn’t all too inviting.

  2. I love blues as color as it connotes Mercy in my community. I love this photography work. Keep it up boss.

  3. I like this blue door. I want to build our yards door to look like this. The color does complement brown walls.

  4. It looks a lot like the entrance to an old min. I can tell by the picture that It’s in very bad condittions.

  5. I always this shade of blue even if it an old door but the color has been able to liven it. I love your photography.

  6. The blue color catches the eyes. Even if it’s old, it seems that the paint never fainted.

  7. Even though the door is old, its color is still very vibrant. Nice shot on this interesting door.

  8. This door looks intimidating. It is quiet hard to imagine that since its daytime but at night, It is a new ball game. In addition the door is an entrance to where???

  9. There is something about color blue that makes it stand out. No matter how old the door is, it still stands out. Great shot.

  10. This door must have been made of good material. It seems its old but its still in good shape. Nice picture.

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