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The Bitter Winds Are Coming In

The Bitter Winds Are Coming In


29 responses to “The Bitter Winds Are Coming In”

  1. Bitter winds should please give us a break. but your shot looks cute and greenish. it looks quite beautiful

  2. Bitter winds? From this snap shot all I can see is a beautiful day, the lovely blue sky falling back into the earth. Though it does look cloudy, but I love the picture.

  3. Bitter winds and rains as shown in the picture. It must be a very strong storm surge.

  4. A beautiful sight, but wait a minute … It looks like bad weather will occur with the appearance of clouds like that.

  5. We are experiencing it physically now in my country, the rains are here with bitter winds but I still relish the weather

  6. The clouds seems to be moving I love the effect, The cute little house is the perfect complement.

  7. Great depth of focus. I like how the caption foreshadows bitter winds and changes your perspective of the photo. At first glance, the sky looks harmless. Beautiful lighting and green pastures.

  8. The thing I like most about your photos is how professional they look. This one right here is no exception.

  9. Looks like an omen before something bad happens??? On second thought it also means light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark it is a new day will always come. Good job!!!

  10. Wow, I love the sky, always coming out best in the outputs. If any wind blow this structure, that’s gonna be a total breakdown

  11. This old farm building looks like it been guided by two tall trees, I love the concept. Any bitter wind will crush this weak structure.

  12. I get lonely when the weather is bad. We’ve been having bad weather lately. So I kinda feeling blue but you have captured a bad weather perfectly.

  13. People living in the countryside do enjoy this kind of weather. I do hope the house will protect those person staying inside.

  14. Goodness, I love the sky, continually coming out best in the yields. In the event that any wind blows this structure, that is going to be an all-out breakdown.

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