Found Notes

The Breakup

This note was found in the lobby of an abandoned Catskill Mountains hotel in August of 2019.

Josh, I will come back to you under conditions.

  1. You go to REHAB.
  2. You will never ever call me a cunt, bitch, or tell me to shut up ever again.
  3. You will never ever raise your hand or almost hit me ever again.

Josh, just drop my stuff off at my mom’s. I will not be able to be found. I’ll be in a hospital before you find this. You made me feel unwanted. And treated me like your ex. I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not your ex-bitch. I am now but I wasn’t when you first picked me up. I get it I’m fat and ugly so you got rid of me. I also get it that you got rid of me so you wouldn’t have to pay for anything for me. Don’t worry about me. I am getting mental help before I hurt myself. All I ever thought of was you. You, you, you. Every waking moment how to please you is all I thought about. Tell your mom I love her and that she might have been tough but she was a sweetheart. I will get the money I owed her to her. Come hell or high water. Tell Wyatt he’s a good boy and never give up ever. Tell Uriah he’s an awesome pre-Ker and to keep up the good work. Tell Skye she got what she wanted. Josh I will always and forever love you but you don’t care either cause you let me go just as easy. I love you all. I hope you have a great life.

Love forever and always,


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