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The Breakup

This note was found in the lobby of an abandoned Catskill Mountains hotel in August of 2019.

Josh, I will come back to you under conditions.

  1. You go to REHAB.
  2. You will never ever call me a cunt, bitch, or tell me to shut up ever again.
  3. You will never ever raise your hand or almost hit me ever again.

Josh, just drop my stuff off at my mom’s. I will not be able to be found. I’ll be in a hospital before you find this. You made me feel unwanted. And treated me like your ex. I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not your ex-bitch. I am now but I wasn’t when you first picked me up. I get it I’m fat and ugly so you got rid of me. I also get it that you got rid of me so you wouldn’t have to pay for anything for me. Don’t worry about me. I am getting mental help before I hurt myself. All I ever thought of was you. You, you, you. Every waking moment how to please you is all I thought about. Tell your mom I love her and that she might have been tough but she was a sweetheart. I will get the money I owed her to her. Come hell or high water. Tell Wyatt he’s a good boy and never give up ever. Tell Uriah he’s an awesome pre-Ker and to keep up the good work. Tell Skye she got what she wanted. Josh I will always and forever love you but you don’t care either cause you let me go just as easy. I love you all. I hope you have a great life.

Love forever and always,

18 responses to “The Breakup”

    • I wonder that myself, Han! I also wonder when the letter was written (there was no date on it), and what happened to those who were mentioned in the letter. Too many unanswered questions…

  1. This note is so fascinating to me. The writing wasn’t that legible but the content is just alarming. I’m just wondering about the mind of the writer when writing this.

  2. Despite what Ary passed through, she was able to express herself that she I not a cunt or a birth which Josh want of her. She’s still a loving person but Josh didn’t get to read this intriguing note. Tom, you’ve found something worth sharing!

  3. Truth really hearts. She just told it as it is, as they say it’s too little too late I guess.

  4. Relationships suck this days.. I guess she was been maltreated by the dude and she had to bolt…so sad

  5. Whaooo, this letter is well detailed to express the writers mind. This show she has been treated with pains. Nice work you have done by picking this.

  6. I have loved to know if those mentioned in this note got to read them and how they all reacted. This is a great memory.

  7. Really sad sentiments. I hope the writer of these notes found help and was able to rehabilitate. Sometimes pouring all your emotions into writing can be a healing process in itself.

  8. This is very heartbreaking to read all those notes. I do hope that she will also find her own peace in her life, and that she finds her own happiness as well.

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