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The Bridge (White Mountains National Forest, 2012)

White Mountains National Forest

23 responses to “The Bridge (White Mountains National Forest, 2012)”

  1. Perfectly centered shot that makes you feel like you’re physically there. Very adventurous, forest pic.

  2. Wow this is an old bridge I take it but the shots tell otherwise. I have never been here but this looks majestic. Your talent shines here. Good shot!!!

  3. Such eerie place. I really love the way you took the picture, it is as if the bridge itself is welcoming us venture into the woods.

  4. I have heard so much about the White Mountains National Forest. I hope to visit it some day in the future.

  5. I like it when man preserves nature like this. I hope the forest is kept in its current state for generations to come.

  6. I imagine the path to the enchanted forest, where everything is more pure and natural, how beautiful it is to find well-preserved places.

  7. That bridge still looks intact. I’ve seen similar bridges, in some parts of my country, where they look as if they could do with more than just a few coats of paint and termite repellent.

    The question related to this photo, however, is:

    “Is it the view of a place where we should go, or is it a view from the place where we currently are?”

    Oftentimes, the grass does look greener on the other side, but we tend to forget the beauty of the side that we’re on, at times.

    Nonetheless, I’d say that it’s worth crossing that bridge and exploring what the other side has to offer, if only to gain valuable experience along the way.

  8. Such a beautiful way to go to more majestic place. It is the bridge that can take you to the other side. I always love to go with these kind of places.

  9. You do great photography I like how you capture rare moments. it shows you are a professional. Capturing the rail looks awesome.

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