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The Bridge

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12 responses to “The Bridge”

  1. The bridge looks very weak to me in the first look due to its wooden board on the way. And, the forest ahead looks very dense too.

  2. This bridge is safe enough, looks really neat and new. It must have been newly renovated. I love this this close shot.

  3. Is that wooden bridge still safe to cross? I find wood structures quite charming, but wooden bridges make me feel nervous, especially if it’s not maintained properly.

  4. This remains me of the bridge I encountered when we went on an adventure sometimes last year. it was exciting

  5. The Bridge that leads to where or what???? The bridge looks good though and stable. In any rate this is a very good shot. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. The wooden Bridge looks very nice. the place looks like region around any glacier from where a river originates.

  7. What a welcoming bride, it really clean and clear enough to be taken advantage of, to walk on it. It looks really neat

  8. I like the camera positioning here because you feel like your actually walking on the bridge. The water and the trees are also very scenic and add to the shot.

  9. I have been opportuned to ply a wooden bridge and honestly I was not myself until I got off on the other side because it was shaky However this bridge looks really sturdy and well constructed.

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