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The Collective Soul

The Collective Soul

October 2019

12 responses to “The Collective Soul”

  1. The cleanliness of the area is really standing out, even if it has a black and white background. Good shot and angle as always.

  2. Two heads are always better than one. In this case kettles lol, I still use these models though but rarely. I am gonna go with electric and not this by choice.

  3. Your capture is great even with the black and white color background. You try to make your photo different in a way.

  4. I love black and white images, and when scrolling through your images this one caught my eye. I’ve always loved vintage homes with the original stove tops etc. This image reminds me of a movie still from a movie based in a much earlier time. I really love it, beautiful image, Thomas! – Lisa Pellegrene

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