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The Darkness


September 2016

21 responses to “The Darkness”

  1. I believe the solar powered type of lights would be effective because when one gets damaged it would not affect the other lights so as deal with the darkness.

  2. A street like without power. Looks like it been abandoned. Nice angle taken with a good black and white. Nice one

  3. There is like a source of light right above the street light. Just imagining where that might came from… the sky emitting light now??

  4. It is a sad picture for me. There’s some kind of loneliness that I felt upon looking at this.

  5. Looks like it is about to rain very heavily, if that is a shot of a street lamp outside. I could almost smell the incoming rain from this shot.

  6. This looks like a street light to me. No matter how dark it may seem the light is always there to illuminate everywhere.

  7. A street light that does not work really leads to darkness which is bad news. A lot of stuff happens in the dark. A light can sometimes make a difference between peace and chaos. Street lights should and by all means work.

  8. Seems it’s about to rain and it’s getting dark. Very nice shot. I can feel the cool air.

  9. The light is off that is why everywhere is dark Maybe it is even bad but you took on point shot.

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