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The Depot

The Depot - 464_1024

December 2015

14 responses to “The Depot”

  1. Ha! The soldier flashing the peace sign is a great oxi-moron. Really striking mannequins and glass view windows. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some of these mannequins are scary. I wouldn’t want to be in this depot alone for too long haha.

  3. I like the items in the depot but wouldn’t want to be found here alone. There’s soksometh I can’t just place my hands on about this depot. Nice shot

  4. The Depot of what??? memory lane? I guess this count as well. Thanks for sharing what are I assume parts of who you are.

  5. Although I don’t understand the content of those pictures but they are nice ..good work

  6. A military depot, looks attractive to me and has a fairly large area. The perfect place to shoot movies or a game.

  7. Thought you had those pictures from a video game or something. It turns out that they are actually real. Amazing!

  8. Okay i don;t understand what kind of depot is that but i certainly wouldn’t like to be there. It looks really creepy and terrifying and like whatever went down there was a terrible unthinkable staff.

  9. I spent my childhood with those buildings in the background. Always wanted to go in and take a look. But there were always guards, or dogs patrolling the perimeter. Glad you made it in and out safely!

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