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The Dust In The Field Has Blown

October 2017

23 responses to “The Dust In The Field Has Blown”

  1. This looks an abandoned field that needs a nice touch to get it back to freshness. it really nice to see an old farmland like this

  2. Abandoned hut in a field like this will be dusty in a great wind. No tree around to break the wind. Nice shot man

  3. Colorful field and creative caption! Love the horizon here and the open pastures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely house. I wish i had a peaceful place like that were to spend some quality time doing what I like

  5. Waoo it is a nice country house I like the green color of the grass, it only lacks the animals and a few trees.

  6. IT sure looks like this field has been through a storm? It is amazing though that a house got out with just very few damage. I take it no one lives here?

  7. The fields is one place where I can relax and feel at ease. The smell of the grass and the forest do have an amazing healing effect on peoples ‘feelings.

  8. Seems that not only has the dust (along with the leaves on some of the trees) been blown away from the field, but the memories of whomever once lived in that old farmhouse have also dissipated with the winds.

    Once there’s no one to maintain the house and the field, nature will inevitably reclaim them. Such is the way of life, I guess.

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