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The Eagle Has Landed

March 2017

19 responses to “The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. Am sure it’s a sculpture, not a real bird. For the record, nicely calved and a wonderful picture concept. Lovely

  2. Yes, an eagle landed on a branch of a dried tree. Lovely caption . Correct choice of lightning and color

  3. We do have our version of this here. The monkey eating eagle? I have not seen one though. It is put on the endangered species list. What is this one called???

  4. I can’t see clearly, but the eagle’s head can still be seen clearly. But extraordinary with the concept of shooting.

  5. Eagle always landing but the next minutes looking at a tree, there will need to fly far to the tree. Awesome shot.

  6. Fly eagles fly! That’s a Philly NFL cheer in-case you didn’t get the reference. Really bold shot.

  7. This sculpture is beautiful, significant, because it shows the momentum the eagle takes whenever it starts its flight.

  8. It’s quite hard to tell if it’s a sculpture or a real bird from this angle. I really love how it is framed against the sky though. Its power never seemed to have diminished either way.

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