April 2017

15 thoughts on “The End Of The Line

  1. This is a very sad photo. I imagined how this room was very busy for quite sometime and then needs to be abandoned for an unsure reason.

  2. This looks like a workplace in total shambles. Just thinking of what could have caused this? Nice shot man

  3. This is really bad, how come this room is left this way. Real work needed to be done here to put it back to place. Nice

  4. Interesting shot. I think if you investigate and write stories around these photos these shots it would be even more interesting. Everything has a history, most untold.

  5. This place was previously a clinic that provided its services to people but it seems that it went into decline and closed its facilities.

  6. For this room yes!!!! I Do not know what happened but it seems that this room has seen and been through a lot. If only walls could talk huh? This was a wreck.

  7. Once this room s filled with a large crowd. But now as you see in the picture it is already empty. A place left hanging probably for months or even years.

  8. This must have been a room to behold some years back, now in shambles. It isn’t surprising that is a stage every good thing go through.

  9. Ooh, this photo gives me an adrenaline rush!! I feel like we’re in the climax of a heavy action drama, where some perpetrator left the room in decay. Great work!

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