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The Expert Enough Manifesto

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12 responses to “The Expert Enough Manifesto”

  1. Brilliant quotes, the one I liked most is that life is an experiment, so no need waiting to be told to explore. Do it your own way to get the result.

  2. If you know yourself, the truth is you know yourself good , that’s a professional way to reason. Life is richest when you know it and make it come.

  3. We are all packed with some qualities that we wont know we have if we never scratch the surface. It’s a board full of inspiring words. Lovely.

  4. It is quite funny how we like to put a label on almost everything in life. As long as you are clear about what you want to achieve and you know how to achieve it, then there is no need to wait for the rest of the world.

  5. Changing your mindset can be the key to changing your destiny and future. What you achieve and who you are right now is a reflection of what you think in your brain.

  6. Brilliance lies with each and everyone of us, let’s live it, play, live fantastic and be successful. Let us all break boundaries. Thanks for sharing Thomas

  7. Life isn’t an experiment rather a drama stage in which men play their role based on the scripts given to them. Though, we might try adding some styles to it so as to make it unique. Nice one, Tom!

  8. These are selected quotes that we can reflect on. We can always ponder in them for positivity.

  9. So much brilliant words on one board. Going by each of them, we can really draw inspiration from each of them.

  10. It is pretty humorous how we like to place a label on almost everything in life. As long as you are clean approximately what you want to attain and also you know how to acquire it, then there is no need to watch for the relaxation of the world.

  11. It is very motivating to read these kind of quotes. Just enjoy life to the fullest, be responsible in everything you do and everything will be alright.

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