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The Exploration Of The Hotel Adler Spa

The Adler Hotel was a 150-room, five-story hotel in Sharon Springs, New York that was operated from 1929 until 2004. Known for its therapeutic sulfur baths, it catered primarily to a Jewish clientele who travelled to Sharon Springs in the summers. The hotel was built by Louis Adler for $250,000. He operated the hotel until selling it in the 1950s and later owned and operated hotels in Miami Beach, Florida, including the Allison Hotel. Bernard and Hilda Wieder, noted Miami Beach hoteliers, purchased the Adler Hotel from Louis Adler 1951 for $250,000 and operated it until 1971, selling it to The Yarkony family for $75,000. They owned and operated the hotel as Yarkony’s Adler Hotel from 1972 until 2004, when the derelict building and other buildings in the town were purchased for $750,000 by Sharon Springs, Inc., a Korean-American investment group based in New York City. –Wikipedia

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  • fadderly

    I swear some of those pics remind me of the hotel from the Shining.

    Lots of cool, creepy pics in there. Nice stuff!

    • Thomas

      If you think that the photos are creepy, try going to a place like this all by yourself. Seriously, the photos do this place absolutely no justice!

  • Auesten

    I was in Sharon Springs yesterday and came upon the Adler Hotel. I saw that you were credited on most of the google images, and upon further investigation, discovered that your web site is AMAZING! I am so fascinated with decrepit, abandoned and dilapidated retreats and resorts of the past.

    Keep doing your incredible work!

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