The Exploration Of The Hotel Adler Spa

  • June 8, 2011

The Adler Hotel was a 150-room, five-story hotel in Sharon Springs, New York that was operated from 1929 until 2004. Known for its therapeutic sulfur baths, it catered primarily to a Jewish clientele who travelled to Sharon Springs in the summers. The hotel was built by Louis Adler for $250,000. He operated the hotel until selling it in the 1950s and later owned and operated hotels in Miami Beach, Florida, including the Allison Hotel. Bernard and Hilda Wieder, noted Miami Beach hoteliers, purchased the Adler Hotel from Louis Adler 1951 for $250,000 and operated it until 1971, selling it to The Yarkony family for $75,000. They owned and operated the hotel as Yarkony’s Adler Hotel from 1972 until 2004, when the derelict building and other buildings in the town were purchased for $750,000 by Sharon Springs, Inc., a Korean-American investment group based in New York City. –Wikipedia


Kitchen Kitchen Trash Grand Dining Room Lights On The Table Small Stage Excercise Bike Books On The Table Grand Dining Room 2 Reservations Television Room Lobby Hallway Off Lobby Game Room Front Desk Plugboard Lobby Staircaise Guest Hallway 1 Portable Record Player Peeking Through Maid Service Peeking Through 2 Plastic Tennis Red Green All In The Corner Broken Dresser Laundry Cart Tapes Tapes 2 Guest Hallway 2 Still Feeding Shower Curtains Sink Peeling Wallpaper What's On The Television Just A Toilet Tiny Room With Television Shopping Cart Master Suite This TV Isn't Working Stains On The Sheets Reflections In The TV Guest Hallway 3 Childs Play June 30, 2003 Slashed Up Shower Curtain Ready For The Next Guest Smashed Room Mad House Shopping List Kiki Sucks Service Staircase Guest Hallway 4 Don't Use The Elevator Phantom Creepy Carpet Bed Sheets As Curtains Metallic Dot Wallpaper! Plaid Carpet Phone On The Floor Air Conditioning Sit On The Bed Dictionary Narrow Guest Room On Hold Shag Carpet Room For Two Roll-Away Bedding Guest Hallway 5 Second Floor Fire Escapes Too Much Television Together Forever Extra Firm Too Blue Dry Cleaning Guest Hallway 6 Resting Drawr Furniture In Its Place Antique Mirror Green With Envy Clean Shower Peeling Paint TV Porn Stacked Furniture Missing Mattress Guest Hallway 7 Fusebox Main Staircase Guest Hallway 8 Sheets And Blankets Sink And Chair Carpet Stains Crazy Wallpaper Forgotten Shirt Last Meal Nike Shoes Shoes And Water Mind The Clowns Guest Hallway 9 Flower Wallpaper Guest Hallway 10 Guest Hallway 11 In Case Of Fire, Break The Glass Sunset On The Carpet Top Floor View Pink And Red Rice Box Vagrancy Bills, Bills, Bills Pillow Room Mis-Maintainance Spare Parts Bed Springs Chair Room Top Floor Guest Hallway Attic Bedroom Attic Bedroom 2 Furniture Bondage July 1968 Bed Of Decay Abandoned Dreams Elevator Shaft Infirmary Bed Infirmary Bed 2 Lean On Me Closet Bathroom 2 A Bed And A Hole In The Wall Fire Escape Closet Bathroom Entertainment Center Private Dining Room Hotel Alder Info Lobby Hallway 2 Excercise Room Wednesday Menu Old Tapes Paintball Grand Dining Room 3 Eureka! Dairy Drawer Safety Gate Dry Storage Fire Door Four Cups Dishwasher Serving Counter Coffee MGPSB! Ovens Icebox Hotwired Broken Cup Meat Bucket Outside View

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