Shatter - Tahawus, New York

Tahawus (also called Adirondac, Adirondak, or McIntyre) was a village in the Town of Newcomb, Essex County, New York, USA. It is now a ghost town situated in Adirondack Park. Tahawus is located in Essex County within the unpopulated northern area designated to the town of Newcomb.  Tahawus was the site of major mining and iron smelting operations in the 19th century. Although standing as recently as 2005, the last mining facilities have since been demolished and removed (with the exception of some minor garages, blast furnaces and outbuildings).

In 1940 a new mine opened, this time for the purpose of obtaining the titanium dioxide that had been partly responsible for the previous mine’s commercial failure. In 1940 National Lead Industries reopened the mines along Sanford Lake. This location, known as the Lower Works, was about a mile south of the original operation. A new community was established in 1943 for the mine workers which was called Tahawus. By 1945, Tahawus had 84 buildings. Some of the buildings left over at Adirondac were also used. Forty million tons of titanium were extracted at the National Lead Industries’ mines before operations ceased in 1989. By the time the second mining operation closed in 1989 it had produced 40 million tons of titanium.  – Wikipedia

September 2013

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