October 2018

11 thoughts on “The Gathering

  1. Is that edible mushroom,I love them and I make some of my best dishes with them but I love the white ones better.

  2. It is a lovely and great mushroom shot. The subject was isolated by blurring the background. Keep up the good shot.

  3. Brought me back to childhood memories of my grandmother gathering mushrooms. But those were white mushrooms. Can these ones be eaten?

  4. I do like mushrooms but this is not the edible type. There are those white ones with big “stems”. So sweet!

  5. This is a funny title for the mushrooms. I know they grow in bunch but to call it a gathering is brilliant!

  6. Come to think of it a mushroom really grows that way huh??? Good title there. I almost did not catch that. Anyway, I love mushrooms. Aside from the poisonous ones.

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