• jolly555

    Good old days memories. I think I was still in diapers when I sighted this. This feels like ages now. it brought back memories.

    • Glad

      Wow, this is a very very old radio infact an antique. Nothing compared to what we have around these days.

  • esgyll

    My mother keeps telling me stories of how my late grandfather had a lot of radios put around their old living room and then tune in to a classical music station back then. It was his version of a “full stereo surround system”. He may have used this kind of old radio model.

  • Janet James

    First time to see this kind of a radio. Its great that you took such a detailed photo,even for future reference.

  • saviourv

    I saw a similar radio as an in-game model while I was playing Counter-Strike 1.6, many years ago. It was in a map called “cs_italy”. Given that I would often be playing in a loud cyber-cafe, if I ended up spawning wherever that radio was, I’d immediately destroy it, so as to prevent other players from guessing where I was, later on.

    Now that I’m looking at one of those ancient relics, courtesy of your photo, I have to admit that at one point in the past, those models used to be quite popular, long before YouTube videos and podcasts came into being. It’s a real blast from the past, this.

  • Daphne

    Nowadays they make radios that can disappear in the palm of your hand. Technology advances too fast.

    • Grace K

      Very true..It’s amazing how using technology you can reduce the size of hings and save a lot of space.

  • Masaki Suda

    The earliest radio I have seen that we owned is of that which also plays long playing record. I could still remember it has a fan-like cover and speakers on both side.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    As weird as it maybe, we still have this. We do not use it but my parents keeps it for its value. Hell, even their taste is still in the 50’s. Nothing wrong with that I just find it awkward.

  • Barak Telle

    Great photo you have taken to preserve the memory of this old school kind of radio. At least we have an opportunity to see it.

  • brainedet

    This must be an ancient radio. I never got to see this but it feels great to see it now. Technology is on the run and nothing can stop it.

  • David Mureithi

    We have come a long way when it comes to technology advancement. There was a time where TVs and Radios were owned by some people. Now we all have them.

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