September 2015

13 thoughts on “The Golden Hand

  1. Just made me remember the vampire movie I saw last year, coming out from the grave. Really scary but draws my curiosity

  2. That’s an interesting hand sculpture, I like a lot the place where it´s placed. The picture is very beautiful.

  3. A hand that rose from the ground is not cool, This gives me the creeps!!! That said, at least it is gold and not from the dead? Still a creepy photo especially if you are looking from afar.

  4. A golden hand that rose from the ground is something unusual. It is a little creepy at first. It gives a story like someone is buried beneath the ground and has been covered with gold. The kind of feeling that could rush through your veins.

  5. There is a lot of mysticism in relation to gold from ancient times where it was fought to obtain it, this must be without a doubt a trophy.

  6. Wow, this is a wonderful work of art. This golden hand sitting at the middle of the forest. I love the effect of the trees around it.

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