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The Good Old Days Might Not Return

The Good Old Days Might Not Return

April 2020

23 responses to “The Good Old Days Might Not Return”

  1. Yea the good old days might not return but a better new days ahead. Looks really damaged, will need total change. Cool output

  2. This farm house definitely looked great while it was still new. Beats me why it was abandoned.

  3. This is true talk man. Old days can’t be forever because age counts to get results.

  4. The house sure has seen its share of better days. It’s time for it to retire in peace hahaha.

  5. I am reminded of my days living in the countryside by this photo. I miss those days dearly.

  6. Oh no , the good old days might not return, that house is already falling in. Except the building is pulled down and a new one resurrected.

  7. This caption made me teary, I’m really missing the good old days Just hoping the comng days will be a lot better

  8. The color effect here looks great. The house must been a stylish one before becoming this bad. I like this photo

  9. A lot of memories upon seeing this photo. Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

  10. I totally agree that I would not inhabit this house again, because this house is totally destroyed, and the truth would be afraid to live in it.

  11. This house is ugly, what I find beautiful is the landscape that surrounds it, if it were my house, I would think about selling that land.

  12. I love landscape pictures, especially when they have tiny houses like this. I bet the family that lived there was very happy.

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