The Good Old Days Might Not Return

April 2020

23 thoughts on “The Good Old Days Might Not Return

  1. Yea the good old days might not return but a better new days ahead. Looks really damaged, will need total change. Cool output

  2. Oh no , the good old days might not return, that house is already falling in. Except the building is pulled down and a new one resurrected.

  3. This caption made me teary, I’m really missing the good old days Just hoping the comng days will be a lot better

  4. The color effect here looks great. The house must been a stylish one before becoming this bad. I like this photo

  5. A lot of memories upon seeing this photo. Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

  6. I totally agree that I would not inhabit this house again, because this house is totally destroyed, and the truth would be afraid to live in it.

  7. This house is ugly, what I find beautiful is the landscape that surrounds it, if it were my house, I would think about selling that land.

  8. I love landscape pictures, especially when they have tiny houses like this. I bet the family that lived there was very happy.

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