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The Good Times Never Stay

The Good Times Never Stay


26 responses to “The Good Times Never Stay”

  1. This photo speaks so much. So sad that this tree stands so lively before and now nothing left but the remebrance of how cruel people are to cut trees without cosidering the animals that became homeless because of their actions.

    • We are all going to die. We need to cherish whatever we have, no matter how small it is.

  2. Your title hit right home. Good times run faster than bad times and I wonder why. Food for thought!

  3. This photo is very expressive. I feel so sad for this tree and wish it was there.

  4. I agree with this phrase, the good never lasts, for me it is sad to see that tree cut down by human hands, because that tree is a provider of multiple benefits more than the man himself.

  5. The good times are life different chapters. This is a reasonable photograph for the wise.

  6. You are right, the good time will never stay, they stay as memorable times. Lovely effect, black and white is my thing

  7. This photo gives a story to tell. Yes good times never stay forever. We will remember the memories that kept in the heart.

  8. It seems the tree was cut at it’s prime. The only thing that’s left of goig times is the memories we had.

  9. Although good times don’t stay forever, but their memories do. We carry them with us wherever.

  10. I an sure this tree already had it’s own good time when it produces sweet fruits to people. Memories are what last

  11. It’s true, nothing in this life is static.. but I’m glad that bad things doesn’t last for ever either

  12. The black and white edit is impressive. I wish I could see the colored version too.

  13. Like a phoenix from the ashes, this tree will rise again. Such is the resilience of nature.

  14. It’s sad what man sometimes does to the environment. I weep for this poor tree.

  15. The tree probably took decades to get this big. Only for it to be cut down in a few minutes. So very sad.

  16. This highlights the folly of man. We never take care of the beautiful environment nature has given us.

  17. I wish the tree could have been left to live out its long life. My heart pains seeing this tree like this.

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