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The Grange

October 2017

23 responses to “The Grange”

  1. Admittedly I had to google this one because is new to me. Anyway for a barn and yes another word for grange. This does not look good. From the paint to the background combined with the dull tone does not help. If anything this looks creepy. Very creepy.

  2. A barn this abandoned, what had caused it? Lack of production or lockdown? Many unanswered questions.

  3. I am not aware that a barn can be called grange. I am trying to imagine the barn on its prime. This barn had housed family, a family that strongly believes that their barn can protect them from harsh weather.

  4. Looks like a house, not a barn. Maybe some part is used as a barn but seriously, just like an abandoned house. Nice effect

  5. The place looks very solitary and sad, you captured all the details even it’s black and white and I must tell it’s a very emotive picture.

  6. Doesn’t get more grange than this! Once again, you’ve taken the seemingly mundane and personified it with style!

  7. This looks an abandoned Grange and looking very old. I know it will be better off again, if it is renovated. it will look good.

  8. This farm looks cool and attractive. But is look abandoned so people will be scared to operate on it. Nice photoahot there Tom.

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