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The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond

June 2013

22 responses to “The Great Beyond”

  1. If I talk about the Hindu Mythology, it is believed that we go to the heaven or hell, depending on the deeds we do in our life. So, it is advised that we should do more good deeds in our life and make a way to the heaven.

  2. The photo implies a lot. The great beyond for me, as I always believe are heaven and hell. Your actions determine which way you are going to in the end.

  3. Great beyond here is full of uncertainty. Who knows what lies beneath the beautiful flowered surface? Truly great beyond

  4. Only God knows what’s great beyond, we all just trying. No one knows what lies under this surface. Lovely shot

  5. The “Great Beyond” is full of mystery. The things that lies within it. Like that photo, no one knows what is in the water except that flower. We cannot see beyond our naked eye.

  6. This is like you are looking at a wishing well. With that said I always wanted to be a better version of myself everyday. Our dreams can show this.

  7. The will always be a better tomorrow so keeping hope alive it is. This photo tells so much about hope

  8. I love the picture it looks like a fantasy one. It makes me imagine that a muse could suddenly show her reflection on the watter.

  9. Pictures like these make me thankful to live in such a lovely planet. I wouldn’t long to be anywhere else.

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