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The House Behind The Pines (Edit)

July 2015

The House Behind The Pines

16 responses to “The House Behind The Pines (Edit)”

  1. The pines gave the view a V-shaped. Looks like someone hiding in the woods from someone or something. Nice output, so unique

  2. This place looks very unique I love how the pink sky gives a shadow classy and mistuerious to the picture.

  3. Those two green pine trees are incredibly beautiful. The scene of the house behind make it even more beautiful.

  4. This filter made the photo looks like an introduction for an old movie. It’s amazing to look at.

  5. The filter makes it look blur and the green colour for the pines changed. Good shoot, but that house looks abandoned afar

  6. First of all, I like this picture. It looks like the house is peeping in between the pines. Though the house looks like one that needs to be refurbished, it sits well for this shot.

  7. These large pines make the house look small, the image seems very beautiful to me due to the magical colors that this image has.

  8. I tend to settle more for the pines than the house behind it. I always like natural trees just like this one

  9. The pines help to beautify the entire photo even down to the house behind it. The color of the house is unique too.

  10. Now these trees are just beautiful. They actually accentuated the house behind them. Good Shot.

  11. This looks like it is drawn. Although I bet it is not. Seriously though, it is rare for a house to be sandwich by not one but two pine trees. At least a xmas tree would not be an issue.

  12. I would love to live here all the hippie vibe and the pine trees are so perfect. I would love to enjoy drinking my tea here every afternoon.

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