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The Latest Developments On Rose Haven: An Update By Ron Biegel

This past week did another drive by the Rose Haven site in Acra, New York, on my motorcycle.  There is definitely some effort underway to clear the overgrown vegetation. What strikes me is it is being done very carefully to maintain what little remains of the various former structure versus having a bulldozer level the area.

From the road I can easily see the original sign at the entrance, the shuffleboard courts to the left, white painted curbing that bordered the driveway, raised white blocks that marked the entrance to the main building to the right of the main driveway, and of course the metal frame of the pool and coffee house in the distance.

I’m hoping one day to run into the current owner to learn more about what they have in mind for the place and possibly get permission to enter the property for a closer look.  Attached are a couple of selfies I took with the sign and some of the curbing in the background.
Ron Biegel

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