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The Little Details

September 2018

17 responses to “The Little Details”

  1. This is good and cool professional photography shot. Looks like a tap, but I can’t tell if its for water or something else. Nice post Mr. Tom.

  2. I am never a fan of taps let alone make shift ones like this. If it is not much trouble then I will just replace it entirely. From the looks of things it seems to be a facet no biggie even for a girl like me. Good shot by the way.

  3. Old rugged tap. It been long I sighted one like this Good of you to enable me view it once again

  4. Like hey say, it’s all in the little details. Love this shot, pretty much spot on showing such crisp detail, even showing its age and how much it has been used.

  5. That looks a damaged and abandoned tap. but you captured it well and very sharp too. Thanks for the shot.

  6. It’s a tap like any other but with a little more of design. It’s what makes the tap a bit unique.

  7. I love your fascination with inanimate objects! There are some little details in this photo that make it outstanding.

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