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The Lookout


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  1. A real pleasant place, nature itself is cool, spending sometimes walking through this beautiful piece with loved ones will not be a bad idea

  2. I would love to go on top of that lookout when it’s night time and see all the stars overhead. It would be such a very perfect end to a perfect day. That being said. it would be just as lovely to go up there during day time too. This is such a great shot by the way.

  3. What a wonderful place to see all God’s creation from up top. From the beautiful sunrise and sunset view to the starry skies at night. Hope to have one someday.

  4. This is nice..I love watching a lush vegetation.. The flowers are in full bloom..this picture is well captured… I love it

  5. Wow!! What a beautiful shot of this lookout and its surrounding trees. I would just enjoy being on top of the lookout and have a view of the entire scene.

  6. Epic shot! The sky and the bushes really add to the photo. I’m sure it’s also a beautiful view up on the watch tower.

  7. The angle at which you took this lookout is amazing. It just makes you wish you were there to see for yourself the beauty of the place.

  8. I always love to view the display of nature. It brightens my day. This was nicely shot by you.

  9. The outpost really shines on this shot. If you are looking for this it will not be hard to find. For one, it really stands out.

  10. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like being up there. Where did you get this by the way? Anyways, thanks for sharing this photo! Amazing as usual!

  11. This looks so cute and a sight to delight in. I wouldn’t like to spend the time of the day here. I love the overwhelming rays of light.

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