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The Maid And Butler Quit

October 2018

15 responses to “The Maid And Butler Quit”

  1. Something strange or terrible must have happened for the Maid and Butler to have taking decisions to quit. Well I love the photograph for its neatness and reality in it. Thanks for this show.

  2. The setting must have been terrible for two important workers to quit. But this shot is good like that.

  3. The state of room really shows that the maid is out already. I hate dirty and unkempt room. The photo is not flattering at all.

  4. I do not know who owned this room. If it used to be a servants quarter then it is fine. It is still functional but you have to do a lot of fixing.

  5. It’s an interesting tittle. It looks like the maid was cleaning the house just before it was abandoned.

  6. This is what happens if no one takes care of the house. It is a must to have a clean house always.

  7. I will have a very hard time trying to clean up all the mess in that abandoned room. It’s no wonder why the maid and the butler quit. It takes a lot of great care and dedication to keep everything in absolute perfection.

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