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The Margaret Todd

June 2017

19 responses to “The Margaret Todd”

  1. This is a beautiful scene of a ship sailing in a beautiful place. I have never been to ship, but these kind of pictures always attracted me.

  2. A place to just relax and reflect. Boats are one means of transportation I’m yet to indulge. I will to though

  3. I wound’nt mind at all to have a sail in this boats, I’m sure it will really exciting to have a sail in it.

  4. I am sure this is a cruise boat, not for heavy storm or long journey into the ocean. So cool and colourful a picture. Lovely

  5. Great looking boat. This is normal nowadays I mean giving objects names? My car is name Jack so yeah I can relate. A very lucky boat at least.

  6. Looks really cool but is this a real photography work or an art. Just imagining how this small boat could sail in this water.

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