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The Memory Remains

The Memory Remains

June 2019

16 responses to “The Memory Remains”

  1. Looks like one of your previous photos (“Where Are The Clowns?”, I believe) but from a different angle. The place sure looks like it’s seen better days.

  2. This place really has a lot of memory. From the photo itself, the place speaks a lot.

  3. The carcass of anything must remains for remembrance and I think it the same interpretation for this photo. The place is now in ruins.

  4. I wonder why this place is so significant to you. Does it represent something special to you?

  5. I think between the artwork and the strong build of the area, there must be some hidden memories hanging around. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is why I believe nobody or nothing really dies unless they are forgotten. Legends and history are proof of that. If you live a good life and with impact, everybody will remember you.

  7. I believe some abandoned places and not being demolished is for memories. Even though it no longer in use but it will be kept for a memorial.

  8. There are places like this that could tell a story. I guess people used this place to work in the past.

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