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The Mighty Rearranger

21 responses to “The Mighty Rearranger”

  1. This snap looks great of the crane digging out soil from the place. It although does not seem to be the crane as it’s shape looks somewhat different.

  2. The view here is very nice looking. The filter used here is amazing especially the dark color. It will be amazing.

  3. This company has been there particularly on building vehicles just like this one. I do not know what these letters mean though? Not the feline definitely.

  4. This company have got very quality too, that would be doing quality work. They are very popular over here

  5. This CAT machine has so many features, very helpful and useful when operated by competent hand. But wrongly handled, the experience was bad. Lovely effect

  6. This is a bulldozer, used to remove everything removable and rearrange anything rearrange able. Lovely and a powerful tool like that.

  7. It´s a bit unusual to thee this type of bulldozer in the middle of nowhere, though it’s a very good shot and I like the shadows effect.

  8. CAT has done a lot in the land of the living with their innovations. Thanks for this quality photo Tom.

  9. This machine is capable of transforming an entire landscape. It’s impressive the things that we can make as humans.

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