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The Moment That Could Never Be Found

The Moment That Could Never Be Found


27 responses to “The Moment That Could Never Be Found”

  1. I just like the caption of this shot, though I don’t really see the relationship with it. its always good to enjoy every moment.

  2. Its hard to get back your old moment. This is a brilliantly taken shot.

  3. It is really hard to recognize a certain situation in that photo. Great work there.

  4. Really hard to pin this picture to anything, looks like a work slab. Nice concept Thomas, looks really unique

  5. This photo gives me the vintage and eerie vibes. When moments turned into memories and will forever remain in your heart. Nice Tom!

  6. You are right, I could never find that one meaning to this. That’s what happens when memories are bombarded with irrelevants.

  7. I love this shot, It shows a bit of everything and it reminds me of the room where my grand father use to have his tools.

  8. There are definitely some good peaceful moments working in a tool shed. That’s the feeling I get looking at this photo. Thanks for sharing.

  9. An interesting monument refers to tools that parents jealously guard so that no one uses them without permission.

  10. It’s hard to forget a moment spent in such a room with so many elements. Very busy room.

  11. So much history hidden in this room filled with okd things. You can learn alot here.

  12. I can’t see anything special there, only tools. And maybe I’ll throw away a photo like this. 🙂

  13. I can tell these tools haven’t been used for a while. Some of them look rusty.

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