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The Monsters Under Your Bed

November 2018

15 responses to “The Monsters Under Your Bed”

  1. A scary title but the perfect description. I wonder for how long this house has been left in this condition.

  2. I would be afraid to enter such a room a lone at night. I can’t imagine what I might find there in the dark.

  3. It must have been years and years since this house was abandoned. Its interesting that the bedding are still in place.

  4. I think there are monster all over the room. This is an eyesore I can differentiate between the bed and the monsters.

  5. This is the dirtiest,most scruffy,unhiegienic bedroom i have ever seen..the owner must be the monster..

  6. Given the state of this bed, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were monsters under it. It’s in complete shambles.

  7. It looks like the sceary of a horror movie, Im woderig why did this place was left behid in that codition.

  8. This one looks so scary. I remember the bed where a person who is possessed is being tied into.

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